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Peat SuppliesWe can supply all your sphagnum peat requirements.  We currently supply to nurseries in both the North and South Islands.


The property is situated approximately 5 km north of Wyndham and approximately 10 km south of Mataura and is accessed off the main Mataura-Wyndham road.

It is estimated the property contains approximately 49 hectares of developed peat mine and approximately 61 hectares of undeveloped peat mine. The peat is predominantly utilised in New Zealand for horticultural purposes. The peat has been mined from this site for approximately 25 years.

The site comprises an approximately circular shaped peat deposit, which is raised above the level of the surrounding land. It contains peat which is reputed to be of high relevant quality for horticultural and associated purposes, being relatively clean of extraneous fibre material and timber.

Peat SuppliesSphagnum moss has grown, decayed, regrown and decayed on this peat farm for hundreds, possibly thousands of years building up to its present mass.

According to the soil Bureau Bulletin #27 and soil maps the property consists of Otanomomo type soils. "Generally these soils consist of organic matter from mosses and rushes, have a convex shape higher than adjacent land surrounding the swamp, and are considered very acid raised bogs, not suitable for agriculture or forestry in present state. Uprisings of some bogs could be exploited as a source of peat for horticultural industry".

Samples can be made available to prospective purchasers for testing purposes.

This peat is well known as being the best peat produced in Southland. It's porosity is excellent. It is a brown peat with long coarse fibres. Excellent for the horticulture industry.